Monster in the Mind

A film by Jean Carper

Monster in the mind. A brilliant and shocking new documentary about Alzheimer's.


MONSTER IN THE MIND is a feature length documentary that investigates the untold truth behind the world's most feared disease -  Alzheimer's Disease.

Upon discovering that she is at high risk of developing Alzheimer’s herself, filmmaker Jean Carper, medical journalist and bestselling author of Your Miracle Brain, embarks on a journey to face her fears and to find out all she can about the condition. What she uncovers is the astonishing story of a disease shrouded in mystery and branded with an outsized sense of doom and fear reminiscent of the most sensational science fiction, horror, and disaster movies.

Featuring interviews with leading researchers, MONSTER IN THE MIND offers an unprecedented look at the truth and fiction of Alzheimer's, its origins, the failed searches for a solution, and a surprisingly upbeat vision for saving yourself and the world from dementia.

"A brilliant deconstruction of the Alzheimer's myth" - Ralph Nader
"Exciting!" - Tilda Swinton, consulting producer of the documentary
"Provocative and Enlightening!” - Judy Blume, novelist
“Hilarious!" - Dr. Margaret Lock, McGill University, Alzheimer’s authority
"Original and important" - Julia Reichert, award-winning film maker of Growing Up Female, Union Maids
“Utterly terrific – funny and serious. Everyone must see it.” - Reese Schonfeld, founding president of CNN   
“Riveting! An awesome feel-good movie about Alzheimer’s” - Thea Flaum, creator Siskel & Ebert TV show
“A triumph of meticulous research, and immensely skillful journalism.” - Ann Reynolds, former chancellor, City University of New York (CUNY)
“It does for Alzheimer’s what Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth did for global warming.” - Dr. Peter Whitehouse, Alzheimer’s researcher
“Using satirical horror films and a scientific scalpel, the director lays bare our obsession with Alzheimer’s.” - Gil Thelen, former editor- publisher, Tampa Tribune
 “A stunning accomplishment—to make an audience laugh and cry about humanity’s worst nightmare -- Alzheimer’s.” - Blake Hunter, creator of TV’s Who’s the Boss?

MONSTER IN THE MIND // 2016 // (c) Jean Carper // Total Run Time: 01:27:05 // Format: HD // 16:9